Our Classes & Schedule

Class Descriptions

We've made it our goal to be extremely knowledgeable in the latest training techniques. We are creative, inclusive, encouraging, and driven to challenge everyone past their comfort zone to their personal best.  

All training classes are completely different. We focus on the entire body each week to increase your core, balance, flexibility, strength, power, speed, agility and overall athleticism. We utilize a multitude of different training modalities including:

  • medicine balls

  • agility ladders

  • free weights

  • BOSU balance trainers

  • kettlebells

  • mini bands

  • battling ropes

  • slideboards

  • Air Dyne bikes and more…

Whether you are competitive or recreational athletes, our training increases optimal performance while reducing the risk for injury. The classes are limited in size to 12 members and we have 2 personal trainers present to deliver the personal attention needed for an optimal workout. 

Fitness Assessments

New adult clients begin with a one-on-one fitness assessment to discuss personal fitness goals. We use this opportunity to determine muscular strengths, weaknesses and flexibility limitations.  

These assessments provide us with valuable information to safely and effectively train.


Our Training Schedule:

Annually, we provide four training sessions which follow a typical school schedule. Classes are one hour in length and include a warm up and cool down.

Participation in fall, winter or spring sessions includes the following class options:

  • Monday & Wednesday 5:45am

  • Monday & Wednesday 8:30am

  • Tuesday & Thursday 8:30am

  • Tuesday & Thursday 9:35am

During the summer, our schedule is more flexible recognizing that summer months are busy. We offer a "punch card" system which allows clients to drop-in to classes at their convenience. All class days and times will remain the same during the summer session.