Consume Media wisely

Seek out entertainment and information that makes your life better. Choose not to watch, read or listen to stuff that demoralizes or immobilizes you, incites craziness, or insults your intelligence.


They say, "You are what you eat." But it turns out you are also what you watch, read, and listen to.

Researchers are discovering that the information we consume through radio, TV, movies, books, magazines, and the Internet can have a significant impact on our health. That's why informed consumers are paying closer attention to their media-consumption habits.

Here are some tips to help you parse through the noise so you can make the most of media.


 Notice when you're being played. If you find yourself getting riled up, consider which emotions are being triggered, by whom, and with what likely purpose.

 Don't feed the trolls.Watch for and be wary of commenters who hurl slurs and threats — especially around high-stakes health issues. 

 Take advantage of tech features. Learn to utilize available options such as privacy settings and those that allow you to hide, unfollow, or unfriend people whose comments trigger feelings of stress or anxiety. 

 Power down. Unplugging altogether lets you slow down from the fast pace that technology enables.